A doggie’s life

My mommy and daddy - and me!

My mommy and daddy – and me!

Life is pretty amazing for a little dog like me. Mommy and daddy took me to the lake! I chased ducks and squirrels, and I drank from another doggie’s bowl of water when she wasn’t looking…Hey, it was really hot outside and I needed a refreshment.  There were so many wonderful smells there, and I had to drag mommy and daddy to sniff every square inch of the lake. I’m sure I wore them out.  Sad humans can’t keep up with my energy and spunk! 

I even got to say hello to a few friends… I sniffed their butts, okay? And, best part – the car ride! I love seeing everything as the wind blows through my fur. Thanks mommy & daddy for the fun day. Let’s do it again, like right now, okay?

Written by Kota Morrow (6 year old female Shiba Inu)


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