Confessions of a Shiba Inu

I have a few things I would like to get off my furry chest. I’m reading this book my friend Roxy gave me called “Renewing Your Inner Doggie.”  One of the steps to having a happier tail wagging life is to tell five secrets I’ve been holding in. So, here it goes…..


  1. I like to sleep with stuffed animals, especially my buddy Hike (pictured here). He helps me sleep better.
  2. I like it when mommy and daddy sing “Soft Kitty” to me….I like it A LOT.
  3. I like to sneak in the kitchen and have mommy trip over me when she is carrying food so I can eat the food that fell on the floor.
  4. I like to pretend I desperately have to go potty when really, I just want mommy and daddy to take me out again.
  5. I like cats. I want to be their friend, but they never want to be mine. I just want to play with those soft little kitties…..

Written by Kota Morrow (6 year old female Shiba Inu)

A doggie’s life

My mommy and daddy - and me!

My mommy and daddy – and me!

Life is pretty amazing for a little dog like me. Mommy and daddy took me to the lake! I chased ducks and squirrels, and I drank from another doggie’s bowl of water when she wasn’t looking…Hey, it was really hot outside and I needed a refreshment.  There were so many wonderful smells there, and I had to drag mommy and daddy to sniff every square inch of the lake. I’m sure I wore them out.  Sad humans can’t keep up with my energy and spunk! 

I even got to say hello to a few friends… I sniffed their butts, okay? And, best part – the car ride! I love seeing everything as the wind blows through my fur. Thanks mommy & daddy for the fun day. Let’s do it again, like right now, okay?

Written by Kota Morrow (6 year old female Shiba Inu)

I’m ready for those dog days of summer

IMG_20120625_105518Look at me? Does this face look happy? I am ready for extra walks, car rides with my tongue hanging out the window, and if I’m lucky – some kid may drop their ice cream off their cone, and then that baby is mine!! I long for those evening strolls at the beach. The harmless flirting with cute German shepherds and French bulldogs…mmmmm, French bulldogs. I have this thing for French bulldogs, always have. They are tasty little eye snacks.

 So, summer please come quickly because I can only play with my squeaky toys and lounge around for so long….

Written by: Kota Morrow (6 year old female shiba inu)